After the Ball is Over

It’s been a hectic ten days at the British Open. The early part of the week saw stifling temperatures in the glass-roofed Horseshoe which dissuaded many from entering the hot house for fear of passing out!

Those that were brave enough to enter the dancers’ shopping haven preferred to venture in later in the day – resulting in longer opening hours and sadly, far less opportunity to witness the spectacular dancing.

We did however, meet many friends old and new. That charming silver fox, Jack Reavely, was among the first of our visitors, the effervescent Hazel Newberry kept us refreshed with a cold drinks run, Strictly’s Brendan Cole got to try the frame (possibly with a future celebrity partner in mind) and Nick had an inpromptu dance lesson from the legendary Peter Eggleton and wife Pam.

There’s an album on our facebook page that can be viewed here.

Dance Today editor Nicola Rayner made a whirwind visit, our ambassadors Mark and Olga Elsbury added a touch of glamour and Empress Orchestra Musical Director Ashley Frohlick broke the habit of a lifetime and stepped out on our dance floor.

We got to re-new acquaintances with those who bought frames at last year’s show and meet many new customers from around the world including professionals and business owners who expressed an interest in becoming TopLine dealers.

We also had some impromptu help from friends who saw us drowning in a sea of customers including an impressive show of sales technique from Rob Riebes, a fine American gentleman, that we had the fortune to meet due to our ballroom seating arrangements!

The festival always concludes with the pro ballroom final – a chance to wear your best evening dress and watch the best dancers in the world. We had just four short hours to break down the stand, box up all our wares, grab something to eat and get spruced up before heading for the ballroom.

We had wonderful seats courtesy of Brigit Mayer Karakas and so found ourselves pulled into the intensity of the final competiton, witnessing amazing performances from the second row of the West End of the ballroom.

Before we knew it, ten days had disappeared as if in a puff of smoke. The magic was over for another year.


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