A Little Bit of Magic

Tim Mead

Tim partnered by Karen Renaud, co-owner of The Ballroom On Wellington, Hamilton, Ontario.

Halloween may be over but we were delighted to hear from one of our Canadian customers who thought Topline is giving him a bewitching look.

Tim Mead, a smooth dancer from Fisherville, Ontario, has just started learning standard and needed to enhance the stillness of his topline. He found that his new dance frame conjured up the perfect posture.

We were delighted to read his feedback which stated:

“I am writing to let you know that the Topline Dance Frame appears to have some kind of supernatural power.  I put it on for the first time and stood in front of a mirror, and something in me suddenly clicked … THAT’s what I’ve been trying to achieve.  It has allowed me to see myself in a whole new way, as someone WHO CAN DO IT.  Of course, I expect you KNEW it would do this.  Thank you for inventing it!”

Good luck Tim. Keep using your Topline Dance Frame and we will continue to delight in your future success.

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