“A little dancing miracle…”

Back in January 2011, Jack Reavely visited our trade stand at the Bournemouth International Dance Festival.  This is what he wrote:

Dance News article, written by Jack ReavelyJack Reavely

Bournemouth International Dance Festival, January 2011

“A small break in proceedings, so I wander off to where the stalls are and on entering, the ambience is lovely… All the stall holders are eager beavers and portray the elegance of dance with their wares… a great feature of the festival.

Suddenly, I was accosted by a young man who certainly looked like a dancer. I was gently taken to his part of the sales hall where I was asked to remove my jacket… “Gosh” I thought, “They’ll see my tie is a little too long.”

Then I was told to put up a dance silhouette… so, being fearful, I did. I was then asked to look in a mirror. I thought “Gee whizz. I hope the silhouette is nice.” I was then asked to mark it out of 10… so I did and I gave it a Len Goodman “seven” – to my disgust.

“Aah” said the young man, “Now we blindfold you” and he did just that. I felt I was being manacled in a dungeon… but quite comfortably, so I sighed with relief. Strangely enough, I felt I was in dance position, but without any arm muscle strain.

Loud whoops of support greeted my ears from those gathered around… I wondered what was going on. The blindfold was removed and there I was, in front of the mirror once more, being asked to mark my silhouette out of 10 again… I gave it a 10 and wondered how the transformation had taken place, almost miraculously.

Then I realised I was wearing a dance frame that was a silhouette and shoulder line enhancer… being sold to anyone who wished to upgrade their stance, elbows and shoulder line too.

The frame had released me from mediocrity… I drifted off and my stance, within my dream, won the professional ballroom championship.

This little miracle is available to everyone… just go to www.TopLineDanceFrame.com or telephone 07740 302151 for more information.

All of the stall holders had so much to offer that next year you must be sure to visit the exhibition and see for yourself the vast array of goods available… walk in casually and dance out resplendently dressed… and in a beautiful stance as well.”