Company Profile

TopLine Dance Frame was launched at the British National Dance Championships in Blackpool in November 2010 – the culmination of two years of research, development and testing.

It was designed to assist dancers maintain stillness in their topline – preventing the arms dropping, shoulder from creeping forward and tension entering the neck and back…problems that invade the lady’s dance space and ruin the couple’s appearance.

Our original concept was developed and tested by dance professionals and competitors to meet rigorous practice requirements at different levels.

Academic research was also undertaken to ensure that it encouraged bio-mechanic response and over time develop muscle memory, allowing the body to remain in the correct position for longer.

Continued use will help the dancer’s evolution by encouraging improved body rotation and maintaining the core.

TopLine Dance Frames have now been sold to dancers and dance teachers in over 50 countries from America to Australia and we exhibit at many major dance championships.

In 2012, we extended our products to include a range of accessories and complementary training aids under the Xtraz brand.