Topline Dance FrameModular

The TopLine Dance Frame consists of 5 separate lightweight pieces which simply slot together and click into place. After training, the frame is easily separated and the modular design means that the frame fits easily into a shoe or sports bag making transport effortless.


The frame is available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large. Each frame has 14 adjustment points, allowing it to be custom-fitted for both height and width, and enabling it to be altered to suit dancers with different statures and body shapes.

The frame can also be offset to balance out an uneven shoulder line or to drop the right arm slightly for tango hold. See our how to assemble video for details


The components from each of the three sizes can inter-connect, giving the frame greater flexibility to meet the requirements of any anatomy. For example, a slim dancer with longer than average arms may require the neck piece from a medium frame but the connectors and arm sections from the larger version.

Teachers who buy a set for their studio can adapt the frames in this way to provider the user with a tailor-made fit.

If you’re buying one for yourself and think you may have special requirements please contact us and we will provide a package to suit.


TopLine Dance Frame not only help maintains stillness in the arms and shoulders but improves rotation in the mid-section of the body improving the shaping and fluidity of your dancing.

Controlling the topline means the body is encouraged to lift when taking hold with your partner and rotate from the centre when moving into open variations such as promenade position.

This naturally assists in the evolution of your dance technique prohibiting bad habits that occur over time or as a consequence of introducing new choreography providing you with competitive advantage at any grade.