How To Use

In this section we’ve put together a series of videos to help you get the best from your dance frame, and our Junior Ambassador, Jamie Meah, shows just how the frame should be worn (see Dance Frame/Handy Hints for more info)

front viewRear view

Our Professional Ambassadors, British Closed and UK Closed Champions Mark and Olga Elsbury, can be seen performing using the frame. As you can see, even complex choreography and the most dramatic lines can be achieved while using it.

Demonstration of Topline in Use

This film shows how Topline Dance Frame can be used in practice to steady the shoulder line and create greater body rotation.

How to Assemble

The ‘how to assemble’ film illustrates how the frame is put together, where the silicon grips should be placed to minimise slippage and there’s also a video to show you the best way of applying your comfort grips.

 How to Wear

The ‘how to wear’ clip shows you how the frame sits against the body and how far it should be extended in relation to the span of your arms when in hold.

Comfort Grips

We also show you the easiest way to apply your comfort grips to avoid them from splitting.