Hair buns – how to

Fixing a hair bun in place

  1. First start by arranging the top of your hair as you would when wearing a bun or French pleat. Back comb, as necessary and gather the bulk of your hair into a pony tail and apply a band.
  2. If your hair is long, twist and twirl round the base of the pony tail and pin in place in a rough bun. This will give the piece something sturdy on which to fix.
  3. You can place a bun net over the top of this (this is optional) which captures any loose strands.
  4. Apply hairspray.
  5. Place the piece over the rough bun. Some of our hair buns (the braided and curled versions) are fitted with combs top and bottom which should be pushed into the base of the pony tail.
  6. Put a bun net over the piece – this gives something for the hairpins and clips to grab on to and is essential for pieces without combs. It also prevents the false bun from being damaged when you remove the clips.
  7. Finally, fix in the hairpins and clips until it secure and add any diamante adornments.
  8. When you become adept at this process, you’ll be able to apply your bun in minutes – a fantastic effect with little effort.
  9. You can also decorate your hair bun to match your dress – buy matching stones and apply with false eyelash glue.